Air Plant Holders


Air Plant Holder ~~ This silver finish spiral is perfect for putting your air plant collection on display. It is sturdy and it's perfect for air plants as it allows for air circulation. The rest is just decoration to match your style!

Air plants are low-maintenance plants (no soil needed) and are a versatile decor in your home, office or dorm room. Whether you have a green thumb or are brand new to air plants, they are easy to take care of. There is a wide variety of air plants, each having its own unique and attractive look. Plus they make decorating your place that much more fun! Think desk, coffee table, dresser, wedding decor, party favors or anything else you can think of.

Care Instructions:
Air plants like bright, indirect sunlight. Office lighting does the job too if you have no access to natural light. Avoid direct sunlight to keep them from drying up quickly. Keep them happy by misting a couple of times a week with a spray bottle. Soak them in water once a week to give them the hydration they need. Holding them upside down, give it a good shake to remove pooling water inside the leaves and let them dry upside down or on their sides before returning them to their holders. Air plants placed too close to air vents may dry out sooner.

Care instructions will also be included with your order.

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